Composition will be planned

The four researchers participating in this study (Fernando Civeira, Sofía Pérez Calahorra, Victoria Marcos and Rocío Mateo Keto Burn Xtreme Review) are part of the Clinical and Research Unit in Lipids and Atherosclerosis of the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza.

With this study they will try to find the percentage of proteins suitable to avoid the failure in the slimming diets. For this, three models with different protein composition will be planned, although all of them will have a high-moderate protein content.

Menopause is a period, by which women generally spend between 40 and 50 years, and happens when menstruation ceases due to the decrease in estrogen Keto Burn Xtreme Review. This hormonal change produces changes in our body that compromise our health in the bones, cardiovascular level and urinary system; as well as other types of changes, changes in our mood, energy, weight gain and hot flashes.

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