Frequent awakening

The egg will not have the capacity to infest us during the second day if they are in a dry and hot environment. But if these are kept in good propagation conditions, they can spread up to two weeks after they are laid Detoxant Review. The ideal conditions are in humid and fresh environments.

The direct symptoms of having worms in the anus are itching and, sometimes, pain, often caused by scratching ourselves to try to relieve the itching or by the large number of helmitos moving and clinging in the area. We can also cause abrasions in the mucosa and anal lesions.

Since the female moves at night, it is normal for the person to have discomfort and difficulty falling asleep due to the tingling or itching that is suffering at night. Of course, if the problem persists, it can lead to sleep problems such as nightmares, frequent awakening, insomnia Detoxant Review, restless sleep and sleepwalking.

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